10 Things All Insanely Organized People Do

Carly Waters is an organizational and design expert based in Los Angeles. She lives by the philosophy that life should be enjoyed uncluttered. From tackling your daunting to-do list to finally sorting out that catchall drawer, she approaches all aspects of life that could do with a little sprucing.

All organized people have one thing in common: They create systems. Whether it's a process for tracking finances or something as commonВ as loading a dishwasher, each has a thoroughly thought out systematic approach. While that initial time (and sometimes financial) investment may seem unnecessary, having a consistent way of organizing your daily tasks will save you time and even money down the road! Think about how many pairs of sunglasses you've had to replace because you forgot where you left them. Keep reading for 10 habits of the insanely organized-and take note!В

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