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These Are the 5 Best Breastfeeding Pumps, According to Moms Who've Tried Them

There should be a specific phase to describe the unique adjustment period new mothers experience. Sleepless nights, tears, and diapers are one thing-that's an obvious learning curve-but then there are smaller, less discussed details that pop up, too. And one of those under-the-radar factors is how to choose a breastfeeding pump that works for you.

You can't exactly try out a bunch of different pumps in your spare time once a baby arrives. But if you're expecting and you happen to have a free moment now, we'd like to make this aspect of motherhood a little less daunting. We asked a few creatives and members of the MyDomaine Moms Facebook Group to share their tips, and these are the five best breastfeeding pumps they recommend. Hopefully, these words of wisdom will make one part of this adjustment period more manageable.

Chrissy Powers Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Electric Breast Pumps $200Shop

"I love my Spectra S1. With my first baby I had to rent a hospital-grade Ameda. I feel like my Spectra extracts just as much as what I rented before (although my supply seems to be better this time, too). It's also portable with a rechargeable battery, so it's super convenient." - Lin Koh of the MyDomaine Moms Facebook Group

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump $200Shop

"I'm a mom of premie twins and spent the first two weeks of their lives pumping every three hours around the clock using the Medela hospital-grade pump. When we came home from the hospital, I was nervous about having the same quality pump and the NICU nurses all recommended the Medela Pump in Style! We got it and it has been hands down the best pump and works as good as the hospital-grade Medela! The biggest trick is making sure you know your appropriate breast-shield size, which may change once your milk comes in, so it's good to switch around the sizes if you're not getting the results you think you should be getting." - Katelyn Kleinhans of the MyDomaine Moms Facebook Group

Willow Wearable Breast Pump $480Shop

"With my previous children, I used the Medela Swing Pump. But with my third, I'm much busier and trying to be savvier with my time. So I will be using the new Willow Pump, an all-in-one design that allows you to move freely-no cords, no dangling bottles. Willow works quietly inside your bra and conveniently tracks milk volume through an app. I love that it's quiet so I can take a conference call or work on the phone with a clientВ and that it's hands-free so I can keep multitasking (which will have to be my life as a working stay-at-home mom)!" - Chrissy Powers, blogger, photographer, and licensed marriage and family therapist

Nuk Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups $60Shop

"I used the Freemie Cups with my Medela pump. They are nice for work because I can just put them inside my bra and don't have to change."В - Emily Palmier of the MyDomaine Moms Facebook Group

Evenflo Single Breast Pump $43Shop

"I was out of town for our first night away from baby Katherine and realized I had forgotten just one piece of my eight-piece pump that I normally used-which meant I was out of luck! I was able to to find an Evenflo Single Breast Pump at a CVS close to the hotel we were staying at. I was so glad to have found it because it was easy to use, didn't have a billion pieces, could easily fit in my purse, and could operate on AA batteries or a wall outlet. I haven't looked back! - Lulie Wallace, artist and textile designer

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